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Put our apparel technology on your gear !

Would you like to use one/several of our ICONS designs on your gear?
Simply call one of our Design Licensing account manager at 1-323-620-2941 for a custom quote.

Corporate Gifts, Wholesale and Volume Pricing

Are you a retail store owner, dealer, or other merchant selling Apparel, or Accessories?

If so, join the Retail Partner Program (RPP). RPP is a wholesale program intended for businesses reselling our products to other customers. We can help you by offering volume discounts and other benefits.

Questions? We personalize our service to you! You can call 1-323-620-2941 to speak with a Retail Partner Program account manager. Our Retail Partner Program department is open between 10:00AM and 5:30PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday.

Bulk Ordering:

Now you can now order your favorite products at bulk rates! Just order a minimum of 15 pieces of one item and get big discounts (multiple sizes are ok). Specific quotes will be providedfor your specific needs.

Please Note: We strongly encourage you purchase a single item before making a bulk purchase. This will allow you to proof the final product to ensure it matches your intended design and quality expectations.

All orders will take 1-3 weeks to be produced and shipped.

Need Help? Call a Retail Partner account manager at 1-323-620-2941

Travel Agencies, Tour Companies, Cruise Lines and others...

Offer your customers a truly unique gift as part of their welcome/travel kit.

Thanks to our ICONS design, our product provides your clients a feeling of security/piece of mind, true practicality in the form of a tool they can actually use during their trip, and a souvenir to take home after the trip, and possibly re-use again and again.

Why should you offer this to your clients?

Goodwill Benefits:
With this gift from you, your customers will receive a great deal of benefits (as detailed on this page) from our product which will in turn create substantial goodwill towards your service.

Marketing Benefits:
In addition, our product is a great marketing tool for your company. It can actually help generate more business for your firm. Indeed, there is a host of people out there that may be hesitant to travel abroad due to the language barrier, for fear of not being able to communicate or being lost. Your firm can now help alleviate these fears by boasting the gift you will make to them of our product, which will in turn facilitate their buying decision, and even steal business away from competitors.

Branding Benefits:
Don't forget that all the while, your brand will be conspicuously displayed on the apparel, so that your clients will act as human billboards as they use this gift, and in return generate more visibility for you as by wearing our product they will be showing others the cool and novel feature provided by your firm.

Our product is also great for prepping up your brand image. It can help position or affirm your company as an innovator and pioneer in the field by providing your clients such an innovative tool as part of their booking with you.

Logistical Benefits:
Offering our product as a gift to your clients also has a logistical advantage to your operations. With this truly useful tool, your clients will be less likely to get lost, hurt, or mislead during their trip. Which will mean for you more timely returns to meeting points, less delays, less clients getting lost, less chances of injuries and/or law suits. Trips will go more smoothly, and in return, customer satisfaction will be higher.

In the end, nothing out there delivers such a novelty punch at this price point.

When you're ready, simply call all a Retail Partner account manager at 1-323-620-2941


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