Our apparel is the quintessential international offline communication tool. It's simplicity, clarity, universality and duality is hard to match. See how it stacks up against it's only competition: a dictionary, a GPS, or a smart phone. Below are 10 compelling reasons our clever apparel is superior to them:

More Affordable:
One of our shirts (starting around $19), works in every language and country. Conversely, you would need to buy a different dictionary for each country/language you plan to visit. As for phones, we all know they cost a lot to start, and then, there are significant international data and voice roaming fees. As for GPS units: initial hardware costs in the hundreds, and maps of each region of the world are also expensive.

In fact most of our clients buy more than one version. Usually the Original Travel Edition for around town, getting there, and general mobility, plus one specific edition for when they have reached their destination, be it a winter vacation, tropical getaway, mountain trek, romantic visit to Paris, etc. With so many versions available, you're sure to find one that suits your trip, whatever that may be.

More Comfortable:
Our apparel doesn't need to be held or carried.
Your hands are free to do whatever you need to do.
It is with you, on you, anytime you need it.

More Practical:
Smart phone, GPS or dictionary are heavier than our apparel.
Plus they need a safe, non-collapsible place to be stored.
Weight and space are extremely important when traveling.
Our apparel is light and small. It packs easy, takes virtually no room, and weighs nearly nothing.

More Reliable:
Smart phones and GPS units need electricity, can run out of battery power when not hooked up, can be out of range, loose signal, break on impact, need AC plug adapters, are sensitive to temperature and dust, etc, and neither of them nor paper dictionaries do very well in water.
Our apparel doesn't have any of the above issues.

GPS/Phone/Dictionary can all be lost or stolen while you are on the move.
Not so for our apparel, since it is on you when you wear it.

More Efficient at Communicating:
Say you have the correct language paper dictionary with you, and/or your phone is charged and in working order with the appropriate dictionary software for the country you are in. To communicate with these tools, you still need to:

1) pronounce the word correctly after you find it in your dictionary, and,
2) put it in a coherent sentence with other words you have to pronounce correctly.

Even with the best phonetic spelling (which most of us are not experts at reading) it is hard to enunciate a word properly in a foreign language, let alone a whole sentence of them.

Our apparel have a simple phrasebook printed on them which let's you communicate what you need at the point of a finger, in less than 3 seconds, in the clearest possible way. You simply show them what you mean. :-)

Easier to Use:
Our apparel is:

1) simpler - our direct interface has large icons anyone can see. No fiddling around with small keyboards in electronic devices or dealing with small print in paper dictionaries

2) more accessible: our interface is immediately available on your clothing, rather looking for your electronic device or paper dictionary in your bag.

More Versatile:
Let's not forget our apparel has the dual purpose of being clothing, in addition to being a universal communicator and wayfinder. You get 2 tools for the price of one. Have you tried wearing your GPS lately?  :-)

More Eco-friendly:
Visit the planet guilt free as we provide you the most eco-friendly universal communication tool.
Learn more about why we are the greenest option here.

Most Disaster Ready:
We've seen lately that tsunamis, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks are a reality.
There is nothing worse than being caught up in one while you are abroad.

If it ever were to happen to you, when electrical power is out, phone signal is down, and you can only take with you the clothes on your back, the one tool you would want to have with you most, is our apparel, especially our Original Travel Edition, because of it's duality and offline communication ability.

Regardless of whether it can help you survive a disaster situation, facilitate your climbing expedition, or just help you find your way in a foreign city, the benefits of our garments cannot be ignored.



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